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Hello guys , This is PrabhaGyan for Career Guidance & Online Service Provider. We are a team who work for our Youth. W have created this website basically for youth because we have seen lots of problems which are facing our youth . Maximum youth are facing problems in the lack of knowledge . They don't have much knowledge about course and other career related information. So I have created this website Sahyoga Youth (www.e-sarkari.com). It is genuine website for all youth of india.

Our supporting members are Er Sandeep Kumar , Er Ankit, Ar Suraj and all others our employees. We are working together whole day. And our aim is "To Make the youth Literate " & "Young people have to get employment". 

Actually in our study time we have no more knowledge about our career we don't know that which courses are available for us that makes a a better care so we faced lots of problems in the lack of knowledge. And after that we have done engineering and then we thought we have to we have to done something for our youth while they have to  no face problems to make their better career.
So dear all friends you can get career guidance from here. Like which courses are available for you after 10th, 12th, after graduation, after post graduation and so on...

Thank you !!

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